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Available courses

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Mental Health First Aid

In a world where mental well-being is as crucial as physical health, equip yourself with the essential skills of Mental Health First Aid. Dive into a transformative course that not only empowers you to recognize signs of mental distress but also enables you to offer immediate support and guidance. By enrolling, you’re not just enhancing your knowledge—you’re becoming a beacon of hope in someone’s darkest hour.

2 days or 5 hours e-learning and two 2.5 hour webinars virtually
Face to face or Online
$389 per participant or enquire for group prices.

CALM Conversations Suicide intervention

A comphrehensive, full day workshop designed to help you confidently provide support to clients, colleagues or loved ones experiencing thoughts of suicide. 

1 day F2F or two 1/2 day sessions online
Face to face or Online
$276 per participant, enquire for group discounts.  

Tuning in to Kids

A 6 week course on emotion coaching for children. Resolve tantrums faster by helping your child understand and process their emotions. This course is perfect for parents of highly sensitive children who struggle to move through tough emotions. It is also a great tool for parents who want to parent gently while still holding clear boundaries and high expectations for their children.  

90 minutes / 6 weeks
$276 per participant or enquire for group prices.  

Circle of Security 

Are you overwhelmed by your child’s demands? Do you want your child to be independent, confident, and content but feel uncertain about how to achieve that outcome? Are you afraid you are repeating unhelpful parenting approaches you experienced as a child? If you want to understand how to build a secure attachment with your children and feel confident in your parenting attend Circle of Security. 

Eight 90min sessions conducted weekly
Online, Group-based or 1:1

LESSON: De-Escalation Intervention

Safety at work is paramount. LESSON equips you to calmly diffuse aggressive situations, fostering safer, more productive environments. Transform
confrontations into constructive dialogues. Safety and understanding combined in this
engaging and effective workshop.

1 day
Face to Face
$680 per participant (Enquire for group pricing)

DISC-over your team

Boost team unity with DISC-over your Team, an interactive workshop designed to foster understanding and collaboration. Dive into the DISC model through hands-on activities, analyze team dynamics, strengths, and challenges, and leave equipped with a personal report, team insights, and a roadmap for effective communication.

90 min
$135 (20% price reduction when enrolling 2 or more participants)

DISC-over your style

Are you curious about DISC? Intrigued by the idea of understanding your behaviour and that of others better at work? Attend this informative webinar which includes a comprehensive DISC report.

90 min
$125 per learner

DISC-over for Leaders

Do you want to improve the communication approach of your leaders? Help them learn who to adjust their communication style to motivate, influence, support and challenge their teams.

2-4 hours depending on team size
Face to Face or Online
$187 per learner

Well and Able: Selfcare and Boundaries in the caring industry

Protect yourself from burnout, vicarious trauma, and moral injury with this powerful course. Develop the tools to address signs and symptoms before and as they

Eight 90min sessions conducted weekly
Online, Group-based or 1:1

Accidental Counselling

Do you feel overwhelmed or confronted by distressed or angry clients or customers?

Accidental Counselling empowers you with essential listening skills to support difficult or distressed clients. Master spontaneous, empathetic responses to unexpected emotional situations. Transform encounters into impactful moments.

1 day F2F or two 1/2 day sessions online
Face to face or Online
$276 per participant, enquire for group discounts.  


A coaching course perfect for frontline managers looking to maximise their teams results while building strong relationships.

4 hours
Online (F2F available for leadership groups on request)