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LESSON: De-Escalation Intervention


Safety at work is paramount. LESSON equips you to calmly diffuse
aggressive situations, fostering safer, more productive environments. Transform
confrontations into constructive dialogues. Safety and understanding combined in this
engaging and effective workshop.

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Is your workforce in any of the following industries?

Disability support
In home care
Employment services

Or does your workforce routinely do the following?

Home or community visits
Handle complaints
Work with distressed, vulnerable, or volatile clients

Without appropriate training your team are at risk and so is your organisation.

LESSON De-escalation training is a 1-day workshop which addresses this significant
workplace risk by teaching your staff to approach, assess, and assist in difficult situations
with complex, challenging, or aggressive clients.

Your staff will leave the 1-day workshop with a toolbox of strategies they can confidently
apply to protect themselves, colleagues and clients and ensure both physical and
psychological safety is a priority in your organisation.

An Institute of Capacity Building accredited course

1 day
Face to Face
$680 per participant (Enquire for group pricing)

To reserve a session or for more information, please contact us via our enquiry form.

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