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DISC-over your team


Boost team unity with DISC-over your Team, an interactive workshop designed to foster understanding and collaboration. Dive into the DISC model through hands-on activities, analyze team dynamics, strengths, and challenges, and leave equipped with a personal report, team insights, and a roadmap for effective communication.

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DISC-over your team is a bespoke workshop that can be adjusted to the unique needs of your team. While all team members receive a copy of their personalised DISC assessment report, and each team works through the results together, the focus of the webinar is determined by the needs identified by you and the highly experienced DISC coach who will review your team report with you. This is to ensure that the workshop is tailored, meaningful and powerful for your team. 

Some examples of the benefits of DISC-over for teams can be seen in the stories below:

Re-aligning work roles for maximum impact and performance: Daniel’s Story

Daniel was frustrated with the gaps he saw in his team’s performance. He managed an eclectic mix of trainers and instructional designers. Despite being a tightknit and high performing team, Daniel still felt there was room for improvement. Looking for ways to reduce friction and frustrated with areas of persistent underperformance in the team, he reached out to ICB.

Our DISC coach worked closely with Daniel to interpret the outcomes and insights revealed in the team report. We created a workshop which allowed Dabiel’s team to deeply explore their strengths, weaknesses, passions, and pitfalls. As a result, the team was able to work together to co-design roles and duties which reflected the work that each liked to do and was good at. The team were also able to recognise the way their different styles drove miscommunications and misunderstandings, this improved understanding of each other drew them closer together. The team moved from good to great, exceeding already high productivity targets by miles.

Managing Conflict within the Team: Felicity’s Story

Felicity, a team leader in the caring sector, was exhausted from managing constant squabbles between her staff of 8. She felt like she achieved nothing most weeks as she spent each day mediating disagreements and putting out emotional spot fires.

She reached out to ICB with the hope that DISC-over for teams could provide their team with a way forward. After reviewing the team report with our DISC coach, it was evident that their were some high contrast and high conflict personalities in the team. The workshop created for Felcity and her team focused heavily on the Insitute’s bespoke DISC conflict model. Not only did the workshop help to build empathy and understanding between team members, but the workshop also provided a toolkit for the team on how to manage miscommunication and conflict in the future. Three months after the workshop Felicity reported back to us- not only had conflict in her team had massively reduced, but team members were using the conflict model to talk it out kindly and honestly amongst themselves preventing minor misunderstandings from becoming major blow outs. The reduction in conflict had also resulted in a huge uptick in productivity, better retention, and lower absenteeism.

Celebrating team success: Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca came to ICB looking for a short and interactive activity to do with her team which was punchy, incorporated a bit of self-development, and allowed her team to have a bit of fun. She had organised a summit to reward the team for outstanding efforts throughout the sales period. For Rebecca, we organised a workshop that covers off the basics of how to use DISC as a team, explores the unique make up of your unique team, and incorporates several fun activities to communicate this new knowledge. This workshop forms the basis of our more bespoke team solutions and is also the most affordable option for leaders looking for a light-hearted team building activity.

A DISC accredited course

90 min
$135 (20% price reduction when enrolling 2 or more participants)

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