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DISC-over for Leaders


Do you want to improve the communication approach of your leaders? Help them learn who to adjust their communication style to motivate, influence, support and challenge their teams.

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Leadership improvement starts with improved self-awareness. DISC-over for Leaders starts with an exploration of self- what is each leaders preferred communication style and how does it shape their own behaviours at work. We then take a wider lens and look at the impact of their style on their colleagues and teams. Finally, we consider the style of their peers and teams and consider how they might best adjust their leadership style to accommodate the preferences of their team members. This workshop is experiential and practical, with many leaders uncovering profound insights they use for the rest of their careers in just a few short hours.

Some of the Problems DISC-over for Leaders can help address include

Misunderstandings & Conflicts with peers and direct reports: By understanding the nuances of each DISC style, minimise miscommunication and potential conflicts, ensuring a harmonious work environment.
Mismatched Roles & Responsibilities: Align tasks with individual’s inherent DISC strengths, preventing inefficiencies and frustrations.
Motivational Challenges: Motivate team members in ways that resonate with their DISC profiles, ensuring sustained enthusiasm and commitment.
Leadership Blind Spots: By understanding your own DISC profile, recognise and address any inherent biases or blind spots in your leadership style.List item

Some of the benefits of putting your leadership team through the workshop include:

Enhanced Communication: Understand and adapt to diverse communication styles, ensuring your message always resonates.
Optimized Team Dynamics: By recognizing the DISC profiles of team members, craft strategies tailored to individual strengths, promoting synergy and productivity.
Informed Decision Making: With a deeper grasp of team dynamics, make decisions that align with team capabilities, ensuring smoother project execution.
Empathy & Understanding: Navigate the emotional landscapes of your team with finesse, fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

A DISC accredited course

2-4 hours depending on team size
Face to Face or Online
$187 per leader

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