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Circle of Security


Are you overwhelmed by your child’s demands? Do you want your child to be independent, confident, and content but feel uncertain about how to achieve that outcome? Are you afraid you are repeating unhelpful parenting approaches you experienced as a child? If you want to understand how to build a secure attachment with your children and feel confident in your parenting attend Circle of Security. 

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This is an 8 week course on parent- child attachment. Develop a better understanding of
why your child struggles to say goodbye, rejects your attempts to comfort them, or is
dependent on you for support.

Does your child have frequent meltdowns and tantrums?

Do you feel overwhelmed when trying to manage your child’s behaviour?

Are you and your child struggling at drop off and pick up time at childcare?

Parenting can be easier than it feels right now.

If you want to feel connected and kind towards your child…
If you want to feel in charge while supporting your child’s big emotions…
If you want family time to be calmer…

The course will help you understand your child’s behaviour and give you the ability to
support their needs in ways you might never have thought about before. Circle of Security
can also provide critical tools for parents and children experiencing family breakdown.

A COSP accredited course

Eight 90min sessions conducted weekly
Online, Group-based or 1:1

To reserve a session or for more information, please contact us via our enquiry form.

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