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CALM Conversations Suicide intervention


A comphrehensive, full day workshop designed to help you confidently provide support to clients, colleagues or loved ones experiencing thoughts of suicide. 

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In moments of despair, your intervention could be the lifeline someone desperately seeks. Our Suicide Awareness & Intervention training empowers you with the knowledge and skills to identify the silent cries for help and to act with timely, life-saving interventions. By signing up, you’re not just gaining invaluable insights—you’re positioning yourself to be the difference between hope and hopelessness for someone in need. Step forward and be the change; because your understanding today could save a life tomorrow.

CALM Conversations and CALM CARE are suicide intervention and awareness training programs approved by Suicide Awareness Australia. CALM empowers participants to recognise and respond to suicide risk, and to support someone through stages of positive intervention, the development of a safety plan, and linking to other services for further help.
We deliver the training in a supportive, respectful and inclusive environment, accepting each individual’s differences, with consideration and adaptation for their culturally diverse needs.

An Suicide Prevention Australia accredited course

1 day F2F or two 1/2 day sessions online
Face to face or Online
$276 per participant, enquire for group discounts.  

To reserve a session or for more information, please contact us via our enquiry form.

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