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A coaching course perfect for frontline managers looking to maximise their teams results while building strong relationships.

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As a leader in the community sector, you already know it’s not just about managing—it’s
about empowering you staff. Let’s delve into why coaching is your key to unparalleled

Skyrocket Performance

Did you know companies with robust coaching cultures report higher growth. By coaching your team, you’re setting them—and yourself—up for standout achievements. In health, disability employment services, and the NDIS it is no longer sustainable to rely on government contracts to fund the vital services your team delivers – you need high quality service driving growth. Coaching helps you deliver this growth.

Retain Your Best

Has chronic staff turnover exhausted your efforts to build a high quality
workforce? Gallup research reveals that leaders influence a whopping 70% of employee
engagement. When you coach, your team feels valued, ensuring they stay loyal and
committed to your vision.

Forge Unbreakable Bonds

Coaching isn’t just about tasks—it’s about people. Harvard Business Review confirms that leaders-as-coaches foster trust, respect, and open communication, cultivating a united, unstoppable team.

The evidence is clear, and the benefits are immense. Elevate your leadership game and
become the transformative leader your team deserves. Enrol in our 4 hour workshop on
strategic coaching in the community context.

An Institute of Capacity Building accredited course

4 hours
Online (F2F available for leadership groups on request)

To reserve a session or for more information, please contact us via our enquiry form.

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