DISC Mini Quiz

Complete the quiz below to get an indication of your preferred style. For each statement below, select the option that best describes how you typically behave.

1. I enjoy taking charge and making decisions quickly.
2. I am enthusiastic and enjoy interacting with new people.
3. I prefer stable and predictable environments.
4. I focus on details and strive for accuracy in my work.
5. I enjoy challenging situations where I can achieve results.
6. I am persuasive and can easily influence others.
7. I am patient and supportive, and I value long-term relationships.
8. I prefer having clear guidelines and standards to follow.
9. I thrive in competitive environments and enjoy taking risks.
10. I enjoy being the center of attention and motivating others.
11. I avoid conflict and try to maintain harmony in my relationships.
12. I like to analyze situations thoroughly before making decisions.
13. I enjoy setting and achieving ambitious goals.
14. I am known for being outgoing and enjoying social events.
15. I value long-term stability in both my personal and professional life.
16. I prefer working in a systematic and organised manner.